Public Employment Relations Board

Promoting harmonious and cooperative relationships between public employers and their represented employees by enforcing the State's collective bargaining laws.

1987 Decisions

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 and New Castle County

Hearing Officer’s Decision
Representation Petition 86-12-008 (Clarification Petition)
I PERB 185 (3-4-1987)
View decision 1987 REP 008 Representation Petition Decision

Capital Educators Association v. Board of Education of the Capital School District

Hearing Officer’s Decision
Declaratory Statement 87-04-012
V PERB 3401 (5-18-1987)
View decision 1987 DS 012 Declaratory Statement Decision

Seaford Education Association

Executive Director’s Decision
Declaratory Statement 87-10-019 (Request for Mediation)
I PERB 199 (10-22-1987)
View decision 1987 DS 019 Seaford Education Assn. Mediation Request

Smyrna Educators Association v. Board of Education of the Smyrna School District

Unfair Labor Practice Decision
ULP 87-08-015
I PERB 207 (10-26-1987)
View decision 1987 ULP 015 Unfair Labor Practice Decision

In RE: Seaford Education Association

PERB Decision on Review
ADS 87-10-019
I PERB 225 (12-4-1987)
View decision 1987 ADS 019 PERB Decision on Review

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