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Public Employment Relations Board

Promoting harmonious and cooperative relationships between public employers and their represented employees by enforcing the State's collective bargaining laws.

1987 Decisions

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 5 and New Castle County
Representation Petition Decision
Rep. Pet. No. 86-12-008
I PERB 185 (3/4/87)
1987 REP 008 Representation Petition Decision

Capital Educators Association v. Board of Education of the Capital School District
Declaratory Statement Decision
DS No. 87-04-012
V PERB 3401 (5/18/87)
1987 DS 012 Declaratory Statement Decision

Seaford Education Association
Declaratory Statement Request for Mediation Decision
DS No. 87-10-019
I PERB 199 (10/22/87)
1987 DS 019 Seaford Education Assn. Mediation Request

Smyrna Educators Association v. Board of Education of the Smyrna School District
Unfair Labor Practice Decision
ULP No. 87-08-015
I PERB 207 (10/26/87)
1987 ULP 015 Unfair Labor Practice Decision

In RE: Seaford Education Association
PERB Decision on Review
ADS No. 87-10-019
I PERB 225 (12/4/87)
1987 ADS 019 PERB Decision on Review 

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