Public Employment Relations Board

Promoting harmonious and cooperative relationships between public employers and their represented employees by enforcing the State's collective bargaining laws.


  • Public employers and exclusive bargaining representatives are obligated to enter into collective bargaining with the willingness to resolve disputes relating to terms and conditions of employment and to reduce to writing any agreements reached through such negotiations.
  • An employee organization certified as the exclusive representative of an appropriate bargaining unit has the duty to represent all bargaining unit employees without discrimination.
  • Where employees have chosen an exclusive bargaining representative under PERB procedures, the public employer shall not bargain with respect to terms and conditions of employment with any employee, group of employees or other employee organization.
  • Public employers and exclusive bargaining representatives must negotiate written grievance procedures through which bargaining unit employees, through their exclusive bargaining representatives, can appeal the interpretation or application of any term or terms of an existing collective bargaining agreement. Grievance procedures must be included in any agreement between public employers and the exclusive bargaining representative.
  • Any contract or agreement reached must be for a minimum period of two years from the effective date of such contract or agreement; unless otherwise mutually agreed upon by the public employer and the exclusive bargaining representative.
  • No collective bargaining agreement is valid or enforceable if its implementation would be inconsistent with any statutory limitation on the public employer’s funds, spending or budget, or would otherwise be contrary to law.
  • Every labor organization which has or seeks certification as an exclusive bargaining representative must file with PERB an Annual Employee Organization Registration Report, accompanied by two copies of the organizations and bylaws. Any and all changes to such constitutions and bylaws must be promptly reported to PERB.

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