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Public Employment Relations Board

Promoting harmonious and cooperative relationships between public employers and their represented employees by enforcing the State's collective bargaining laws.

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2010 Decisions

Teamsters Local 326 v. City of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware DecisionULP 09-07-691VII PERB 4455 (1-13-2010)View decision 2010 ULP 691 Decision Superior Court of the State of Delaware v. State of Delaware, PERB Supreme Court DecisionC.A. 518, 2009 (C.A. 09M-03-117) (Representation Petition 08-10-634)Justice Carolyn Berger, Supreme CourtVII PERB 4455 (1-19-2010)View decision 2010 CA 518, 2009 Supreme Court Decision […]

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